Topic: Preparing Chains for the Tires on Your Sport Utility Vehicle
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Before you pack those chains in the rear of your SUV for a trip to snow county, assure that they are properly fitted for your tires. Do this in the comfort of your own driveway and you'll save yourself lots of headaches when it comes time to use the chains.

Install the chains on the correct wheels of your SUV (see your owners manual for the proper chaining methods for your particular vehicle). Once you have the chains installed and the chain tighteners installed, check for the excess chain hanging from the chain hook (red arrow, bottom photograph). If there are more than a couple of inches hanging down, use some cutters to clip off the extra links. If you do not cut off the extra chain, and if the bailing wire comes loose (see paragraph below), a long piece of hanging chain will damage the underside of your SUV fenders.

Next, get yourself some bailing wire from your local hardware store. Cut a few 6 inch lengths and store them with your chains. You will use this bailing wire to tie the loose chains links up to the chain tightener hook whenever you install your chains. This will keep the hanging length of chain from banging on the inside of your fenders every time the tire goes around.
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