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Do you know what to do or how your SUV will feel when it goes into a skid? There are two ways to have this experience. One way is to wait until you are in an emergency situation and then do what comes natural. Of course, if you are like most people, you will wind up in the ditch, or much worse!

Some people practice ahead of time so that they get the feel of what a skid is like and how their 4wd vehicle will react to their steering efforts. This is why all police agencies have their officers practice skidding on a test course covered with water.

The lower photograph shows the best technique. Steer in the direction of the skid. The direction of the skid in this example is to the right, so steer to the right. And with 4wd, you have an advantage over 2 wheel drive vehicles. If you apply some gas as you steer to the right, the front wheels will actually help you to pull out of the skid.

If you have the opportunity to find a great big empty parking lot, you can practice skidding and correcting with steering and applying gas. This will give you some confidence if you find yourself in a real life skidding situation. You can also seek out a driving school that offers this kind of practice.

DANGER: Never attempt this practice in a manner that subjects your SUV to possible roll-over situations or other accidents. Practice slowly and always on a flat, level surface, without any obstructions such as parking curbs or light poles. You must use your own judgement about your specific driving skills, the pavement surface conditions, and the abilities of your specific vehicle if you attempt these practice maneuvers.
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