Topic: Controlling a Skid in your Sport Utility Vehicle
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If the rear of your vehicle starts to skid to the right or left, steer in the direction of the skid and carefully apply some power to pull your vehicle back out of the skid. Merely hitting the brakes will worsen the skid. This technique applies no matter what kind of car you are driving and no matter what surface conditions exist.

What do we mean "steer in the direction of the skid"? Look at the photograph at the top. The SUV was proceeding from the bottom to the top of the photograph. Then the rear end started skidding to the right (from the drivers perspective). "Right" is the direction of this skid. You can see from the photograph that the front wheels are turned to the left. It is obvious that this SUV is not going to correct in the proper direction and that the rear end is going to skid even more to the right.

The lower photograph shows the best technique. Steer in the direction of the skid. The direction of the skid in this example is to the right, so steer to the right. And with 4wd, you have an advantage over 2 wheel drive vehicles when you apply some gas; the front wheels will actually help you to pull out of the skid.

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Warning: This is a very tricky technique. Applying gas when you are out of control can pull you right out of the skid but it can also be very dangerous, especially if you are headed for an obstacle or a cliff. You must use your best judgement at the time and place this happens to you. The best advise we can give is that you find a way to practice this technique before you ever have to use it.
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