Topic: Keeping Traction With the Roadway When Driving on Ice or Snow in Your SUV
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Imagine yourself driving your SUV along side an ice skater at 50 miles per hour on the ice. Now imagine yourself hitting the brakes hard. We will guess that you will slide hundreds of feet once your tires lock up and you start to skid. Of course if there is a vehicle stopped just 50 feet in front of you, you are a dead duck! You will have very little, if any, traction on ice and little more on packed snow. Your first line of defense against loosing control of your sport utility vehicle is driving at speeds under 35 MPH whenever ice or snow conditions exist.

Your second line of defense is to use your engine and transmission to slow or brake your vehicle instead of, or in combination with, your brakes. If you shift down to a lower gear your SUV will gently slow while keeping traction with the roadway. Be careful about shifting down when your speed is too high. The sudden change in engine speed and gearing will momentarily lock up the tires and you could skid out of control. Shift first from Drive to 2nd and then as you slow, shift from 2nd to 1st. Gently touch your brakes and then let them off (so you don't lock 'em up) as you are slowing.
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