Topic: Drive at Reduced Speeds in Your Sport Utility Vehicle When the Pavement is not Dry
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According to the Highway Patrol, SUV's and 4wd pick up trucks driving at excessive speeds on rain, snow, or ice covered roadways is the single most significant cause of winter driving accidents today. The SUV's in the top photograph are driving at 65 to 75 miles per hour on a snow covered highway with poor visibility. This violates every principal of common sense known and it violates the speed limit which is 25 miles per hour!

The owners of Sport Utility Vehicles and the new fancy 4 wheel drive pickup trucks are very rapidly getting a bad reputation and in the opinion of SUV One, it is well deserved. You, the driver of one of these vehicles, and we're now talking directly to YOU, need to understand that 4 wheel drive does you absolutely no good at all when your tires break away from the pavement (such as in a skid or when you have to hit the brakes hard).

Skidding and braking hard are inevitable in the rain or snow. The only protection against a serious accident is to have this happen when you are driving at a slow rate of speed. The result of an accident at slow speeds will be often be more like bumper cars at the County Fair instead of the high number of fatal accidents that are resulting from driving too fast.

DANGER: Driving at a high rate of speed during winter driving conditions, even though you have 4 wheel drive, will substantially increase your chances of causing or becoming involved in a serious fatal accident. Whenever the road surface is not dry, reduce your speed substantially and try to keep the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you as great as possible.
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