Topic: Clean Snow Off Windows, Hood, and Lighting of your SUV
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Snow and ice that accumulates on SUV windows contributes significantly to poor driver visibility and increased accidents. When it is snowing heavily, accumulations on your windows only make visibility much worse.

If your wipers are not working hard enough to remove the accumulation of snow, get out and scrape it off. Clean all the windows, rear view mirrors, headlights, and taillights. You need all of the visibility you can muster for safe winter driving in snow country.

Pay special attention to the little windshield washer spouts (red circles in bottom photograph). Clear all of the snow and ice away so that they can work properly. Do this to the rear window also if it is equipped with a windshield washer.

Check your windshield washer fluid level often. And be sure to use a windshield washer fluid designed for cold winter driving so that it will not freeze on the windshield, making visibility even worse.
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