Topic: First Rains of the Season
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Picture yourself driving down a road during the first rains of the season with ice skaters coming the other way. If you have ever been ice skating or watched an ice skating event, you know how fast and how far an out of control skater will skid across the ice if s(he) falls down. Your SUV will do exactly the same thing on a roadway that is slick from the first rains of the winter season. And 4 wheel drive won't help one bit here. Here's why.

Most cars drop tiny bits of oil on the roadway as the travel along. This oil seeps down into cracks in the pavement during dry summer months and we never notice it and it does not make the roadway slick. But when it rains, the accumulation of oil over the summer months comes to the surface because oil is lighter than water and it floats. This makes the road surface as slick as ice in the dead of winter.

If the road is as slick as ice and you are not aware of this, your potential for a serious accident is high. You must reduce your speed significantly when the roads are wet from the first few rain storms of the season. It will take a few good rainy days for all of the accumulated oil on the roadway to wash away. And you need to give yourself much more than the normal amount of room to stop your SUV.

Try to get this picture in your head. Ice skaters are all over the highway having a great time! Perhaps how slick the roadway really is during the first rains of the season will stick in your mind.
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