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Winter driving means roadways are likely to be wet, snowy, or icy. Wet, snowy, or icy roads means your sport utility vehicle will not stop as quickly as it will on dry pavement. We all know this, right?

The top photograph shows typical traffic on a rain slick highway. Our SUV driver is hugging the bumper of the car in front, just like s(he) does during dry weather. This is a surefire formula for an accident. The problem is aggravated by poor visibility; our S.U.V. driver cannot see that the traffic is suddenly stopping up ahead.

Look at the distance between our driver and the cars in front in the lower photograph. This is what you want to see out your windshield when the roads are slick. Note that there are several segments of white lines visible between our driver and the cars in front. This driver has plenty of time to react and plenty of time to stop should trouble develop ahead.

Don't let other rude drivers crowd you. If one pulls in front of you (reducing your safety margin), just drop back until there plenty of distance in front of you again.
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