Topic: Winter Driving with an SUV
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Winter Driving in a Ford Truck
Snow, ice, rain, and fog are all of the accompaniments of winter that make driving especially dangerous in any vehicle, including Sport Utility Vehicles and four wheel drive pick up trucks. While having 4 wheel drive in a vehicle can greatly improve road traction, 4wd does not automatically eliminate winter driving dangers.

In this chapter of our training course we will cover many of the special situations you will encounter driving during the winter months and how to handle them in your SUV. Press the (Next Topic) button above to proceed page by page through this chapter or select the topic of your choice from the items on the right.

Winter Driving in a Nissan Pathfinder
  Topics in this section
     Tires For Winter Driving
     Don't Drive On Dry Pavement In 4wd
     Passing In Curves In Rain, Snow, Or Ice
     Following Too Close
     Paying Close Attention
     Loss Of Control
     Driving In Rain
         First Rains of the Season
         Should I Drive In 2wd or 4wd?
    Driving In Snow And Ice
         Fill Up That Gas Tank
         Clean Snow Off Windows, Hood, And Lighting
         Know The Road You Are Driving
         Reduce Driving Speed On Ice or Snow
         Watch For Snow Removal Equipment
         Snow Depth
         Watching For Ice And Frost
         Should I Drive In 4wd Hi Range or Lo Range?
         Keeping Traction With The Roadway
         Controlling a Skid
         Practice Skidding - No Kidding!
         Parking In Snow
     Driving With Chains
         Preparing Chains For Your Tires
         Drive Slowly When Chains Are Installed
         Sliding On A Banked Road
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