Topic: Crossing Small Creeks and Streams in Your SUV
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Try to always cross small creeks and streams where a road already crosses the stream as shown in the photo at the left. This will usually provide the firmest footing for your SUV and will keep you from damaging the stream banks in other areas.

After assuring yourself that the stream is shallow, determine the makeup of the bottom. If the bottom is rocky, proceed slowly. If the bottom seems muddy or real soft, get up a little speed so that your forward momentum will carry you to the other side.

Note in the photo below that our SUV driver has disregarding the warning to cross where a road already crosses the stream. The vehicle is going to drop off a bank and into the stream. If the SUV gets stuck, it is highly probable that it will not be able to get back out of the stream due to the embankment (red circle).

This careless driver is also doing serious damage to the stream banks, a practice which SUV One discourages.
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