Topic: How Do People Drown?
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Look at the seemingly calm flowing river at the left. All you know is that this is a beautiful scene. But let's drain the water from the river and see what remains.

Below is a picture of what this river looks like just below the surface. You may see dead trees and logs, big boulders, old cars, big cables, and just about any other obstructions imaginable.

Now here's the problem. Water flowing (represented by the blue arrows) has enormous force! Should you submerge, even slightly, you will be pressed up against any obstacles beneath the surface. You will not be able to free yourself because the force of the water is far, far too great to overcome. The outcome will be certain death. Notice the red arrow. This points to crevices in large rocks. If you body is swept into or below a boulder like this you will be trapped underwater. Large bodies of moving water are always very, very dangerous.

DANGER: Never swim or wade in water outside known or approved swimming holes or you expose yourself to a very high risk of drowning.
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