Topic: Dynamics of Water Flow
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Water flow is measured in cubic feet per second. 1 cubic foot of water weighs about 62.5 pounds. A stream 1 foot deep and 17 feet wide (about the length of your SUV) flowing at a leisurely 6 miles per hour is flowing at the rate of about 150 cubic ft. per second (CFS). Now do the math. 150 cubic feet of water per second at 62.5 pounds per cubic foot is 9,375 pounds of force PER SECOND!

Now imagine a stream 4 feet deep. The math says it is running at 600 CFS and exerting a pressure of 37,500 pounds of force per second. Your SUV probably weighs in at under 6,000 pounds. Can you see what is going to happen when this kind of water force is applied against the side of your SUV?

Notice the blue area in our diagrams. This represents a water depth of about 1 foot (up to about the center of the wheels). Notice that a stream or river 1 foot deep will flow mostly UNDER your SUV, therefor exerting very little pressure against the side of your vehicle. Now notice the yellow and red areas of the diagrams. Water over 1 foot deep begins to exert pressure against the side of your SUV. Think of the side of your vehicle as a sail catching the wind. The force of the water will quickly mount as the depth and river flow rate increases.

DANGER: Never take your vehicle into water that is deep or moving swiftly. Your vehicle WILL be swept away and death by drowning will be highly probable!
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