Topic: Denting Rear Tailgate
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We had a very unpleasant experience in our brand new GMC Sierra recently when we dented the rear tailgate (see photo at top).

When turning around in very tight quarters off the road you may need every inch you can get (say on a very narrow 4wd road with a steep dropoff on one side). Some people will back up ever so slowly until the rear bumper touches the tree (that may be behind). And then the pull forward again to complete the turnaround.

In our case, we did this but did not notice looking back from the drivers seat, that the tree behind us was leaning directly towards us (from the drivers perspective looking out the rear window). The picture below shows what happened. The magenta line represents a tree growing, not straight upright, but leaning. We backed up very slowly until the rear bumper barely bumped the tree (see the red arrow at point "A") so we could get enough room to turn around. But by that time, the lean of the tree had indented the tailgate at the top (see yellow arrow at point "B"). Needless to say, we learned this lesson the hard way and hope that you do not do the same.
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