Topic: Kicking Up Sticks and Small Logs While Driving Your SUV
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Four wheel drive trails and roads are often littered with sticks and small logs that have blown down out of the surrounding trees. These sticks can be kicked up by your tires and do damage to your SUV. The faster you happen to be going when a tire catches the ends of one of these sticks, the more forcefully the stick will be flipped up into the side of your SUV.

A small stick about the length of a baseball bat is shown in the top and middle photographs. Note in the top photo that the front tire of the SUV has caught the stick on one end (red arrow) and is flipping the other end up into the air towards the SUV (yellow arrow).

The middle photograph shows the SUV about 1/2 second later. The stick has forcefully flipped up and into the rear portion of the front wheelwell of the SUV. This will cause little damage but will make a lot of noise.

The bottom photograph shows a baseball sized dent in the driver's side door of our SUV caused by flipping sticks up. We have had sticks like this actually flip up hard enough to break the rear passenger windows.

The problem can be easily avoided by slowing down to a crawl when you are about to drive over broken branches and other debris in the roadway. Your tires will just crunch the sticks.

CAUTION: If the stick that caused the dent in the lower photograph were to have gone through an open window in the SUV, you or the rear passenger could have been seriously injured. Always drive slowly through debris in the roadway that could be kicked up by the tires.
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