Topic: Bushes Along the Side of the Road
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When you drive on roads designated as 4wd roads or other roads that have not had much use for a number of years, you will often find bushes and tree limbs growing into the road. Many bushes are soft and if you brush by them in your SUV, then will only leave tiny fine marks that can be polished out of the paint.

Some bushes and tree limbs may be very stiff and sharp (see bottom photo). These bushes will leave scratches in the paint of your SUV that will be hard, if not impossible, to remove.

If you encounter a road that is overgrown with bushes, it is very probable that it will get much worse as you proceed. This is due to the fact that many off-roaders before you encountered the overgrown bushes also. They drove along for awhile, beating down the bushes as they traveled. After a while, they turned back. As you proceed beyond where most previous travelers have gone, you will find the overgrowth worse. USE CARE to keep from damaging the paint on your vehicle when traveling seldom used roads.
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