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Parking on hills, even those with only slight inclines, is a very poor practice when you are driving your SUV off the road. Many serious accidents happen when people leave their vehicles and the vehicle then rolls over them or one of their family members. This accident is severely aggravated by the fact that there is no help available to you when you are off the road. No one will even know you are in trouble. This is one of the reasons SUV One recommends you travel off the road with a companion vehicle whenever possible

You should never stop and park your SUV when going up or down a steep hill. If you are going down hill and open a door, the unexpected force of gravity will damage the hinges on your doors. Your footing will always be unsure and the chances of getting an injury from falling are increased. If you are going up hill, you may not be able to get the traction you need to get going again. Always travel to the top or bottom of the hill before you stop to park your SUV. And of course, if the vehicle begins to roll, serious injury or death to you or your family can occur.

Parking a vehicle on even a moderate incline on ice or snow poses additional risks (bottom photograph). Even with the parking brake set and the transmission in park, the vehicle can begin sliding down the slick hill.

Visit our web page "Checking Your Emergency Brakes" for detailed information about setting your emergency brake on hills so that you do not damage your transmission.

Danger: Never park and then leave your vehicle anywhere until you have set the parking brake, placed the transmission in Park, and turned of the engine.
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