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When driving your SUV in four wheel drive (or 2wd for that matter), whether you are off the road or on an icy or snowy highway, your transmission is as valuable as your brakes for keeping your speed down when you travel down hills. In these driving conditions, it is imperative that you keep you speed down to a crawl. Off the road, higher speeds will cause you to lose control of your SUV. On ice or snow on the highway, the danger of skidding out of control is very high when traveling down steeper hills.

As a hill gets steeper start shifting your transmission down to lower gears to allow the engine to hold you back so that you are not riding the brakes. On really steep hills, shift the transfer case to Low Range and use the transmission in the same manner.

The idea is to get down to a speed where you actually have to press on the gas to a tiny bit to go down the hill. You need to "drive" down steep hills, not "roll" down them. You can maintain maximum control over your SUV when going down steep hills with this technique.
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