Topic: Going Down Hills in the Snow
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Going downhill on snow or ice covered roads in your sport utility vehicle or 4 wheel drive pickup truck presents two special problems. First, if the grade is steep enough, your vehicle will slide down the hill even if you have the brakes jammed on hard. The stopped wheels will just slide across the snow or ice downhill. This would be true whether you were off the road or on the highway, say on a steep highway on-ramp or off-ramp. If you are going down hill and put your transmission in to a lower gear (which would be the correct technique to slow your vehicle) the sudden jerk will start the vehicle sliding down hill. Always proceed very slowly down icy or snow covered roads.

The second, and much more serious, problem will occur if you leave the public highway and start downhill away from the main road. You may quickly find the hill you just descended to be far too steep to climb back up because of the snow or ice. You will be in a real predicament if an oncoming storm covers your tracks - no one will know you are stuck off the road in a snowstorm. Never leave the well traveled roads in winter on snow covered 4wd trails or untraveled roads that go down hill away from the main road.
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