Topic: Climbing Hills in Snow
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Climbing gentle hills in the snow is easy in your Sport Utility Vehicle as long as the snow is under a foot deep and the grade is not too steep. You must proceed slowly or you will slip and slide off the road in the slippery snow.

If your tires begin to spin and the vehicle stops forward motion, it's time to back up and try again. This time proceed up the hill with a little more speed (but never over 10 mph). If your second try does not get you over the top, give up! The slope is probably too steep for you to tackle.

If your tires are spinning in the snow and the snow is deep enough to completely cover the ground you are not causing damage to the roadbed. If, however, your tires are breaking through the snow to the bare ground, you will be digging ruts in the roadbed and this will cause serious erosion problems during the spring when the snow melts.

Finally, always assure that the road you are climbing does not slope to one side or the other or you will immediately slide off the road as you try to climb the hill (press button 2 above to see why).
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