Topic: Getting around a large object such as a boulder or tree on the downhill side of a sloping trail
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Getting around a large object such as a boulder or tree on the downhill side of a sloping trail can be a little tricky (see yellow circle, left). Notice that the dirt road is sloping from right to left (white arrow). Your SUV will want to slide to the downhill side of the trail as you move along, especially if the dirt is loose or if the trail is wet or muddy.

The best technique to use here is to drive to the high side of the trail (see white arrow in bottom photograph). Stay as high as you can on the trail until you have cleared the obstruction. This will give your vehicle some room to slide down hill slightly as you go around the object. See the video below for a better look at this technique.

DANGER: This technique is meant for trails that slope only slightly. If you are on the side of a hill that slopes more than just slightly, you will increase your chances of a roll over accident substantially. And you will expose yourself and your passengers to the high likelihood of serious injury or death. Please see "The dangerous side-hill problem" for more information about the dangers of driving across the side of a hill.
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