Topic: Turning Around on a Narrow Road
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You may find yourself in situation where you must turn your Sport Utility Vehicle around on a very narrow road with a steep cliff on one side and and a steep uphill slope on the other. In this case, find a wide spot on the uphill side where there are no plants or small trees (yellow arrow in top photo).Remember, tread lightly to avoid damage to sensitive forest plant life.

Put your SUV into 4wd, low range. Then, back up the slope into the wide spot just as if you were backing into a parking space in a parking lot. Back up far enough to get most of your SUV off the road. Be careful not to back up too far or you will drag the front bumper on the road (red arrow in top photograph). Also be careful not to back into a tree or you will damage your SUV (red arrow, bottom photo)

Once you are almost completely off the road, turn your wheels in the opposite direction and drive back down on to the road. Then stop and get out of your SUV to check for damage your wheels may have caused (yellow arrow in bottom photo). If you made ruts in the soil, get a shovel out and fill them in again and pack the soil as best you can. If you leave the wheel ruts in the soil, winter rains will make them larger and larger every year. The result will be a rush of water coming down on to the roadway, increasing the likelihood that the road itself will wash out at that spot.
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