Topic: Steering Through Rough Terrain
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When steering through very rough terrain in your sport utility vehicle, such as through rocks or boulders, be careful about where you place your thumb and fingers on the steering wheel or you may find one of them suddenly broken!

In really rough terrain, the front tires will want to go around big rocks or slide suddenly into deep ruts in the road. These sudden movements in the front wheels will jerk the steering wheel to the right or left suddenly. Note in the top photograph that hand is gripping the steering wheel tightly and that the thumb is placed under the steering wheel cross bar (yellow arrow). If this steering wheel jerks suddenly to the left (in the direction of the white arrows), a serious injury to that thumb will occur.

You should always be driving very slowly through rough terrain. Place both hands on the steering wheel but in a manner shown in the bottom photograph. Form a loose circle with your thumb and forefinger an hold them around the steering wheel as shown. Allow the vehicle to meander through the rocks and allow the steering wheel to move back an forth through your hands. You do not have to hold the steering wheel tight in these situations - just let it drift where it wants to. If the vehicle wants to take a sudden violent shift to the right or left, then quickly close your grip on both hands tightly and hold the vehicle steady on the desired course.
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