Topic: Using Your Brakes and the Gas at the Same Time
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One of the best off-road driving techniques to learn is the technique of using your brakes and your gas pedal at the same time to inch your way over or through obstacles. Sometimes you need to move only inches at a time through a rut or over a rock. If you press the gas pedal a little bit, you may go too far and suffer a good jolt when your SUV comes down on the other side of the object.

The best way to picture this is to look at the top and middle photographs. Say you are in a situation where you have no choice but to drive over the rock shown in the picture. The best place to go over this size rock is at the tire line (if you try to straddle this rock, it will hit important components under your SUV). When you climb up on the rock, the SUV will roll rapidly down the other side with a jolt and you will damage the running boards on your SUV (see bottom photograph).

Here's the solution. Press firmly (but not with all your might) with your left foot on the brake pedal and then begin to apply a little gas with the right foot. Release the pressure just slightly on the brake pedal until the SUV begins to inch forward. Anytime you want to stop all forward movement (or backward movement if you happen to be doing this in reverse) just apply more pressure to the brake and release the gas pedal. You can inch your way right up onto the top of the rock without rolling down the other side (see middle photograph). Then you lighten up the pressure on the brake pedal to gently roll down the other side of the rock.

Find a large rock (but not so big that it will damage your SUV) and practice this technique the next time your off the road. You will get the idea once you try it a time or two.
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