Topic: Using Your Brakes
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When you are driving your SUV or 4wd pick-up truck off the road, remember, you are almost always driving on loose dirt or gravel and not solid pavement like that on the main highways. You must keep your speed down considerably to assure that sudden braking does not put your SUV into a skid on the road surfaced with loose material.And, unlike along the main highways, there are many severe obstacles right along the roads that you will hit immediately should you lose control, obstacles like big trees and huge boulders!

When going down long gentle grades or steep hills, stay off the brakes as much as possible. Shift your transmission into lower gears to use the engine to brake your downhill speed. Shift into 4wd Low Range if you need even more braking from your engine. If you stay on the brakes hard for long periods of time, you will severely overheat the brake parts (watch the front wheel for a moment on the SUV in the bottom photograph). This may render them ineffective due to brake fade and will warp the brake drums or brake rotors to the point where they will need to be replaced.
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