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Off the road, your transmission is one of the most important gadgets on your 4 wheel drive vehicle that you will ever use. Unlike highway driving, where you use drive, reverse and park, off the road you will use all of the lower gears. Here are some guidelines.

There are two primary driving conditions where the transmission gear you select will be important. The first is where you plenty of power to the wheels such as when climbing hills or going over very rough or rocky terrain. You should select drive (never overdrive) for driving on level ground or when driving up very gentle inclines. You should shift down to 2nd or to the lowest gear, 1st when climbing steeper grades. This gives your SUV more pulling power. Use the lower gears to crawl through rough terrain also.

The second important use for the transmission in your SUV is it's use as a brake. When going downhill, use your transmission first, and then your brakes to hold your speed down. Always shift your transmission down to the lowest gear needed to allow your vehicle to creep down hill. It is very desirable to actually have to press on the gas a little bit to go down hill. You actually want to drive down the hill and not skid down it using your brakes. This way, you have maximum control of your SUV on steep downhill slopes.
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