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When driving in 4 wheel drive off the road, you can use high-range except when going through very rough or rocky terrain or when climbing or descending steep hills. Always assure that your engine RPM's are above 2000 for most vehicles. Shift from drive to 2nd or even down to 1st gear to keep the RPM's up when going up grades. Never drive off the road in 4 wheel drive in overdrive.

When you need to shift into Low Range, always bring your SUV to a complete stop and place the transmission selector into neutral before shifting the transfer case into 4wd Low Range. Check the owners manual for your specific vehicle for shifting instructions between low and high range to assure you do not damage your vehicle. Also consult your owners manual for proper speeds to drive at in different gears when in four wheel drive.

When driving in Low Range in your SUV, always assure that you are driving slowly. In Low Range, with your transmission in drive, you will notice that the RPM's will get very high (5000, to 6000) when you exceed 25 miles per hour. If you find you are driving with the transmission in drive and you are approaching the maximum RPM's on your tachometer, you probably need to be driving in high range.

Low Range means that the vehicle is geared very low. This is meant to create a high amount of torque at the wheels at very, very slow speeds. This adds up to a lot of pulling power. For maximum pull in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, place the transmission in Low and the 4wd in Low Range. You will find that you can only creep along at a few miles per hour and that the RPM's will run very high. This is the way it is meant to be. Just don't come close to the maximum RPM's for your particular vehicle.
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