Topic: Who Has The Right-of-Way?
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A common rule of the road when driving on the highway (and a law in many states) indicates that when two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither can pass, the vehicle facing downhill must back up until the vehicle going uphill can pass. This is because the driver going downhill has the greater amount of control when backing up. If you try to back up going down a steep hill, you can lose control and roll down the hill.

The same technique should be used off the road. The 4 wheel drive sport utility vehicle coming down the hill should back up until the vehicle coming up the hill can pass (see top photograph). If you are driving on approved four wheel drive roads or better dirt roads, you will seldom encounter roads so steep that the vehicle coming down hill cannot back up.

To avoid meeting an oncoming vehicle on a very steep stretch of 4wd road you can have one of your passengers go to the other end of that stretch of road to assure no one starts up (or down, depending on which way you are going) while you traverse that section.
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