Topic: Check Your Fuel, Water, and Oil Before You Leave the Road in Your SUV
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Before you venture off the main highway, stop at a service station near where you are going to leave the road and top off your gas tank. Check to assure the rear door of your SUV is secured and that all of the doors of your SUV are shut tight. If one is partially open, a large amount of off-road dust will enter your vehicle.

Next, check the oil and water level and top them off if necessary. Check to assure that your windshield washer fluid tank is full - you will need to wash the windows frequently if you are going to drive on extremely dusty roads. While you are at it, do a visual check of your engine compartment to assure everything looks right.

Finally, go inside the service station and start chatting with the attendant. Ask some questions about off road conditions where you are heading. Ask some questions about the upcoming weather. Ask some questions about the fishing where you are heading. Be sure to include in your chat a statement or two about where you are going off the road. This conversation may seem needless to you but what will you are actually doing is letting someone know where you are going off the road.
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