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Off Road Driving in a GMC Yukon
Driving your Sport Utility Vehicle or 4 wheel drive pick-up off the main highways can be safe for you and you family and fun and rewarding in terms of the discoveries you can make. And off road driving may be the only way to get to that good camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting spot.

In this section of our web site we will cover many of the special situations you may encounter off the road including such topics as climbing hills, crossing rivers and streams, protecting our environment, and avoiding damage to your expensive SUV. Press the (Next Topic) button above to proceed page by page through this chapter or select the topic of your choice from the items on the right.

On the fire line in a Dodge Truck
  Topics in this section
     Off Road Etiquette
         Driving In Restricted Areas
         Stay On Roads
         Respect Signs
         Driving On Private Property
         Leave Nothing Behind
         Removing Things From Public Lands Is A No-No
         Noise Control
     Things to Check Before you Leave the Highway
         Check Your Fuel, Oil, and Water
         Tire Pressures
     Who Has The Right-Of-Way?
         Rules For Yielding To Other 4wd Traffic
         When Horses And Other Animals Are Encountered
     Controlling Your Speed
         High Range vs. Low Range
         Using Your Transmission
         Using Your Brakes
         Using Your Brakes And The Gas At The Same Time
     Check The Road Ahead
     Steering Through Rough Terrain
     Driving On Rough Roads
     Crossing Ditches and Gullies
     Turning Around On A Narrow Road
     Don't Get "High Centered"
     Getting Around A Tree Laying Across The Road
     Getting Around a Large Object Next to Road
     Going Up And Down Hills
         Climbing Hills
         Climbing Hills In Snow
         Going Down Hills in the Snow
         Using Your Transmission And Downshifting
         Parking On Hills
         Going Down A Hill Too Steep To Climb Back Up
     Avoiding Damage To Your SUV
         Watch For Tree Stumps And Big Rocks
         Bushes Along The Side Of The Road
         Kicking Up Sticks and Small Logs With Your SUV
         Watch That Cellular Phone Antenna!
         Denting Rear Tailgate
         Opening The Downhill-Side Door
     Crossing Rivers and Streams
         Dynamics of Water Flow
         Check Water Depth
         How Do People Drown?
         Small Creeks And Streams
         Deep Water
         River And Stream Crossing Equipment
     Miscellaneous Tips
         Where to Set Up Camp
         Campfire Safety
         Meeting a Bear
         Be Sure And Bring Your Camera Along
         Watching For Wildlife
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