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If you hunt or target practice, carrying rifles, shotguns, and hand guns properly in your SUV is a very important subject for the safety of you and your family. Besides the safety issues, there are strict laws in all states regarding carrying loaded firearms in vehicles. Even with a concealed weapons permit, game wardens are not going to take kindly to you having a loaded pistol in a game refuge. Assure that you know the laws in the area in which you are traveling.

A loaded pistol, rifle, or shotgun are always one trigger pull away from a fatal accident. Dropping a gun on the ground or the jolts from a motor vehicle can set them off if the safety is not on and something catches on the trigger. Never carry loaded firearms in your SUV unless you have a concealed weapons permit, and if you do, do not leave them where sudden vehicle movements can cause them to move around. The pistol in the top photo will thrust forward rapidly if you hit the brakes hard, setting in motion, the potential for a serious gun accident.

If you carry a firearm, particularly a handgun, in plain view, you are asking for another kind of serious trouble. The sight of your gun by some other (crazy) driver may start a road rage incident. If you carry a pistol, keep it out of sight. Again, learn the gun laws in the area where you are traveling. Most states do not allow you to carry even an unloaded pistol in anything but a locked gun container inside the vehicle, or in the trunk.

Finally, if you are carrying a loaded weapon with a concealed weapons permit, it's a good idea to declare the presence of the loaded firearm to any law enforcement officer who may stop you, right up front. S(he) may ask you get out of the car while the gun and permit are checked. Go along with all requests so that the officer can quickly determine that you are not a threat to him or her.
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