Topic: Watch For Poisonous Snakes
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Snakes are cold blooded reptiles and therefore may need the heat of the sunlight to warm them up or the cool of the shade to cool them down, depending on their body temperature. This fact gives you great clues as to where to look for them as you hike about.

In the cooler months of the spring and fall, snakes will lay in the sun to warm themselves during the daytime. In the searing heat of summer, they will hide in shady areas to stay cooler and lay on rocks or logs at night to absorb the heat created in those objects during the daytime. In the cold winter months, most hibernate in dens and are not seen frequently. Be aware of the temperature where you are walking and look for snakes accordingly. Snakes are much more active in the spring because the aggressively hunting for food after their winter hibernation.

Be especially careful when reaching over rocks while climbing (top photo). There may be a snake resting in a shady crevice. Likewise, be careful stepping over logs when hiking through the forest (bottom photo). If you do get bitten by a snake, the very first thing you should do is move away from the snake so it does not continue to bite you. Press the green "Web" button above the top photo to read much more information about poisonous snakes.
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