Topic: Getting Lost But NOT Stranded Off the Road in Your Sport Utility Vehicle
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If you are lost but not stranded off the road in your Sport Utility Vehicle, the first thing to do is to stay calm and to get your family calm and the second thing to do is to make a plan. Your predicament will only worsen if you continue driving helter skelter, first in one direction, and then another.

First, note your fuel level. If you have plenty of fuel you can proceed to see if you can find your way (see next web page Next Topic).

If your fuel is low, you cannot proceed and you will have to set up camp someplace and await rescue. You will need to conserve what little fuel you have left to charge your battery occasionally so that you have your car lights and horn to signal with. During winter months, you will need to heat your car occasionally. Press HERE and we will take you to the web pages where you can read about what do do next.
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