Topic: The Dangerous Side Hill Problem
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Driving across a hillside is probably the most dangerous thing one can do in any vehicle. This unsafe practice accounts for many of the off road deaths and injuries every year.

The danger comes from the significantly increased chances of rolling the vehicle over or sliding it sideways and off an embankment or cliff. As the steepness of the angle of the hillside increases, the center of gravity of the vehicle shifts towards the top and towards the downhill side of the vehicle.

While ordinarily, your SUV won't just roll over by itself if it is stopped, the problem comes because the vehicle is moving. All you have to do is get the SUV bouncing a little bit (from hitting a rock with the left tires) and over it will go. The likelihood of rolling over is increased by the fact that the tires on the downhill side have "set" into the dirt and provide a good anchor or pivot point for the roll over. This means that the downhill tires have dug in a little bit because much of the vehicle weight has shifted to them.

EXTREME DANGER: Driving your SUV on any road or surface that is not level can substantially increase your changes of a roll over accident, which will lead to death or serious injuries. Even a slight incline like that shown in picture 1 of the bottom photograph, substantially increases the chances of rolling your SUV over.
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