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Off Road Safety with a GMC Yukon

Off road driving can be fun and rewarding but there are several unsafe situations you can get yourself into.

The most common areas of concern regarding off road safety are climbing up and going down hills with your SUV, rollover dangers, injuries from hiking or falling, and getting lost. In this section of our training course, we will cover these and several other subjects that you should review before you take that off road trip.

Most will never take their expensive SUV's off the road into situations that can get them into trouble because they will probably be driving only on approved Forest Service roads or other good dirt roads. But much of what we have to impart in this section apples to those drivers too.
  Topics in this section
     Seat Belts
     Child Safety
     Drinking and Driving, on or off road, do not mix
     Traveling Alone Off The Road
     Check the Weather
     Rolling Over
         The Dangerous Side Hill Problem
     Clean Mud Off Lights
     Maps and Navigation
         Types of Maps
             General Travel Maps
             Forest Service Maps
             Topographic Maps (Single Sheets)
             Books Containing Topographic Maps
             Using a Compass
             Using Off Road Markers and Landmarks
             Mapping Software For Your Computer
     What To Do If You Get Lost or Stranded
        Proper Preparation is the Best Prevention
        Distress Signaling Methods
        Getting Lost but NOT Stranded Off-The Road
        Getting Lost AND Stranded Off-The Road
        Getting Lost AND Stranded In the Winter
        Getting Lost While Hiking
        What to Teach Children About Getting Lost
     First Aid
         It's Easy to Slam Your Fingers In The Doors
         Watch For Poisonous Snakes
         Learn About Common Outdoor Injuries
     Fire Prevention and Control
     Miscellaneous Tips
         Firearms In Your Car
         Jump Starting Your SUV
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