Topic: Check the Fuel Filter on Your SUV
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Fuel Filter Somewhere under your hood, your SUV has a fuel filter installed to assure contaminants are removed from fuel before it reaches the engine. Ordinarily, the fuel filter presents no problem. However, if it becomes partially clogged from some contaminant in the fuel system, you may experience a complete breakdown during your off road trip if it becomes further clogged.

Before a long trip or an off road trip, assure that your service department checks the fuel filter during the normal servicing of your SUV. If there is any signs of contaminants, especially rust particles from the fuel tank, assure that the cause of this problem is corrected before you go off the road. If the fuel filter becomes fully clogged, your engine will get no fuel and will not run. It you try to merely remove it, whatever contaminant is clogging the filter will clog the carburetor and your engine still will not run. This can be a serious problem off the road, especially in severe winter weather because you will not be able to drive your SUV.
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