Topic: Check the Drive Train on Your SUV
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Drive Train The "Drive Train" of your SUV is all the stuff underneath related to making the wheels go around. It includes engine, transmission, transfer case (for 4 wheel drive), drive shafts, differentials, and axles. These are all the things that are checked and lubricated when you take your SUV to your dealer for a normal "Lube Job". Your dealer will assure that the engine oil, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, and differential fluid levels are correct and will apply grease "Lube" all of the appropriate grease fittings in your SUV.

There is nothing you really need to do here except to take your SUV in for service for lubrication before a long trip. And if on your trip, you drive extensively in water or extremely muddy or dusty conditions, you might consider having your SUV lubricated again when you return home to flush out any contaminated grease that may be in the drive train parts.
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