Topic: Checking Your Emergency Brakes
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If you plan to do some off-road driving and encounter steep hills, it will be extremely important that your emergency brake work well.

If for some reason you have to stop your vehicle on a steep hill to get out, you MUST FIRST set the emergency brake hard and allow the vehicle to roll forward a few inches before you put the transmission into Park. If you put the transmission in park without the emergency brake applied and let the vehicle move forward until it stops, you will bind up the transmission shift lever so severely that you will not be able to get it out of park again. The only solution is to push the vehicle uphill to relieve the strain on the park mechanism inside of the transmission. This would be very difficult without a tow truck or another 4wd vehicle to help you. This technique for using your emergency brake applies to all occasions where you use it, whether you are off the road or driving around town.

While you are still at home, apply your emergency brake very hard. If the pedal goes all the way to the floor, or if it's the lever type, if the lever goes all the way to it's stop, the emergency brake cables need adjusting. Your service department can do this for you.

Danger: Never park your SUV or 4wd pickup on a steep snow-covered hill (bottom photograph). Even with the emergency brake properly applied and the transmission in park, the vehicle can start sliding down the slippery slope and roll over those in it's path.
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