Topic: Checking The Rear Brakes on Your SUV
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If your rear brakes are disk type brakes, go to the previous page and use the same checking procedures for the rear disk brakes as for the front disk brakes

If you rear brakes are drum type brakes, they will look like those shown here. First, check for brake pad wear. Check the thickness of the pad (red circle in top photo and inset yellow circle in bottom photograph). If the pads look like they have the thickness represented by the green bar, they are OK. If they look more like they have the thickness represented by the small red bar in the bottom photo, they need to be replaced.

Next, examine the brake parts for signs of fluid leakage. You will notice wet or greasy looking spots on the brake parts. Check to assure the brake lines are not worn or cracked and that there is no fluid leakage at the back where they connect to the wheel. If you see what appears to be signs of recent leakage, take your SUV to your dealer or to a brake shop immediately for service. Fluid that may get on the brake pads themselves will cause the pads to glaze and become almost useless in stopping your SUV.

Finally, visually inspect all bolts that are visible for signs that they may be loose (green circles in top photo).
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