Topic: Checking the Transmission Fluid on Your SUV
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The transmission fluid in your SUV is hydraulic fluid located inside the transmission which keeps all of the moving parts properly lubricated. It is very important that this fluid be kept at the proper level to assure that your transmission works properly. Low fluid level will cause transmission failure and a costly repair bill. Transmission failure while you are off the road will completely disable your SUV. Unless you have a leak in the transmission fluid system someplace, you are not likely to have a problem with this issue on your trips as long as the fluid was at the proper level when you started out.

If you need to check the transmission fluid level, locate the transmission dip stick (top photo) and check the level according to the instructions in your owners manual. Most vehicles require that the engine be running to check the fluid level.

If you need to add fluid, use a small funnel and add small amounts of fluid to the little tiny tube where the dip stick was removed (be sure to check the proper adding procedures for your SUV in your owners manual). Keep adding fluid and then rechecking the level until the level comes up to the normal range.
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