Topic: Checking the Power Steering Fluid on Your SUV
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Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is moved around by the power steering pump in your SUV to make steering easy. Low power steering fluid will make steering your SUV, especially off the road, very difficult and will ruin the power steering pump. If the fluid is low you may feel a jerking sensation when you have the steering wheel all the way to the right or to the left. You may also hear moaning sounds coming from the power steering pump while you are turning.

To check the fluid level, locate the power steering fluid cap on your SUV (yellow circle in top photo). Remove the cap and you will find that the dip stick for checking the fluid level is built right into the cap on most SUV's (see the inset photo within the yellow circle on the lower photograph). We have added the little green and red lines to show the full and low marks on the dip stick. Consult your owners manual for the proper method to use to check the power steering level on your particular vehicle.

If you determine that the fluid level is low, add small amounts of fluid and recheck the level. Do not overfill the fluid tank. Also, assure that you have purchased a power steering fluid type suitable for your vehicle as specified in your owners manual.
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