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Check Engine Oil Proper engine oil level is critical to engine performance. Should the oil level drop too low, the engine in your SUV will be severely damaged and you will be unable to continue your trip. If you packed a couple of extra quarts of oil as we previously suggested, you will be prepared to handle the low oil problem off the road. If you have no extra oil, do not continue to drive your SUV. A new engine will cost you between $2,000.00 and $4,000.00!

To check the oil level, locate the dip stick (red circle in top photo) on your SUV and check the engine oil level according to the instructions in your owners manual. If the oil level is more that 1 quart low, add oil until the level is within the normal range on the oil dip stick. If adding one more quart of oil would put the level over the full mark on the dip stick, do not add that quart. Too much oil can also cause other problems in your SUV. It is OK if the oil level is not all the way up to the full mark as long as it is above the "add oil" mark.

When you add oil to your engine, remove the oil cap (yellow circle in top photo) and add the oil. As small funnel is helpful to keep from making a big mess in the engine compartment. When you finish, do not forget to replace the engine oil filler cap (red circle in bottom photograph).

If after you have added oil to your SUV you notice a burning smell and notice white smoke coming from an area somewhere beneath the oil filler cap area, you probably spilled some oil down the outside of the engine on to the exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold is very hot and it is burning the oil spilled on it. This is not a big problem except for the smelly operation of your SUV for the next few miles.
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