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The drive belt or belts on the engine of your SUV connect the engine, water pump, alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioning system(see yellow dots in top photo) As the engine turns, the belts then turn all of these other devices to make them work. If the drive belt breaks, all of the other devices it drives will cease to operate. The one we are the most concerned with off the road is the water pump. If it stops working, water will no longer be circulated from the engine to the radiator for cooling and the engine will severely overheat very quickly.

Inspect the drive belts regularly on your SUV for signs of cracking or wear and to assure that they are not loose and slipping. If you have any doubts about the belts, have your service department replace them. A good drive belt will not be likely to fail while you are off the road but a badly worn one will and you will not be able to proceed without one.

DANGER: Never inspect the drive belt(s) on your engine while the engine is running. You will lose a hand or arm if you get caught in the belt or if you get hit by the running fan (see red rectangle and circle in bottom photo).
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