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Radiator Check the radiator from the front occasionally to assure it is not clogged with paper or bugs. Use a flashlight if necessary so that you can see the front of the radiator clearly (see photo at left). If the front of the radiator is excessively clogged with paper or bugs, the ability of the radiator to do it's job of cooling the engine will be reduced dramatically.

If you find lots of bugs, use a powerwasher as shown below or a small brush to clean the front of the radiator. Do not use a steel wire brush. It can puncture your radiator and cause you more problems. Use a stiff bristle brush (nylon or other pliable material) and work through the front of the grill.

A few bugs won't hurt anything. What you are looking for here is an accumulation of bugs and debris that cover more than 25% of the radiator surface.

You may notice that there is a smaller radiator in front of the main radiator, usually mounted to the lower left or right of the main radiator. This is the transmission fluid cooler. Clean it as well.
Clean your radiator
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