Topic: Checking Engine Coolant or Antifreeze in Your SUV
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Coolant filler tank Locate the coolant tank on your vehicle. It will usually be a plastic bottle or tank about the size of a 1 gallon milk container(see top photo). STOP RIGHT NOW and look at the bottom photograph. We are NOT talking about the radiator cap!

The coolant tank will usually have two lines indicating the full level hot and the full level cold. They will not be red as shown in this photograph but will be moulded into the plastic. There are two levels because as the water in the engine heats, it expands, making the tank fuller. If the coolant is not at the level indicated at the appropriate line, you need to add coolant (covered in next web page).

The green circle in the top photo shows the coolant tank cap. It is designed to allow water to escape from the tank onto the ground if the tank is too full and the engine is hot. Don't worry too much about coolant you may see on the ground as long as the level is up to the appropriate line.

CAUTION: Never remove the radiator cap (bottom photo) except when the engine is cold. Hot radiator water and steam will explode out of the radiator opening and cause sever burns to your hands, arms, and face.
SUV radiator cap
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