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Battery The battery itself for most modern SUV's do not require much maintenance. They are usually good or they are not. Look for an indicator of battery condition (see little blue circle in top photo) and replace the battery if the indicator is not green (check you owners manual for the indicator on your particular battery).

Check to assure that the battery terminals are clean and that they are not loose (yellow circles in top photograph). Corroded terminals (indicated by bluish or whitish gunky looking stuff around the terminal connections) need to be cleaned to assure a good electrical connection to the wires. A poor battery connection will cause your SUV not to start or the battery to not charge well. To clean, remove the connecting nuts and wires and clean every metal connecting surface with a wire brush and/or sandpaper to assure a good, clean, bright metal finish on all surfaces. Then reconnect the wires to the terminals. Tighten the terminal connecting nuts or screws snugly to assure a good connection but not so tight so as to strip the bolts (many are made of lead and can be stripped easily).

If you have not done this task at home(shame on you) and you have to do it in the field, you probably do not have sandpaper or a wire brush with you. Use a pocket knife or any other sharp object to scrape as much of the corrosion off the connecting parts as possible so that you have a better electrical connection.. And, if you did not heed our advice to bring along a small set of tools, you won't be able to get the battery terminals off for cleaning and you will be in for a long walk home!

CAUTION: When reconnecting any wire to a battery terminal, a spark can occur which can can cause an explosion because battery fumes are explosive. Before connecting a wire, assure that all electrical devices in the vehicle are turned off.
Clean your battery connections
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