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Off the beaten path We'll start our off-road trip preparation discussion with a good deal of information you need to know regarding your vehicle itself. Many of these are subjects you would ordinarily leave to your service manager when you take your SUV to the dealer for service. But if you go off the road, you need to know things like how to check the drive belts, check or clean the air cleaner, and putting in brake fluid if necessary. Later we will get into a few other topics (like winter clothing, etc.).

You will find that what follows is a short course on how to maintain your SUV. You may wonder why it is important for you to know these things. The answer is, if your SUV is properly maintained, you will much less likely get into mechanical trouble off the road. When you are a million miles from noplace, that's the wrong place to learn that your service department did not check or adjust something properly. We will reiterate that you have to depend on yourself; so it's time for YOU to get into how things work a little deeper to educate yourself. And if you do get into trouble off the road, what you learn here will lead you quickly to getting yourself back on your way.
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