Topic: Off-Road Trip Preparation - Tips For All Seasons
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Stuck on the Road If you never intend to take your SUV off the road or on to snowy winter highways, then this chapter of our training course will probably be of little interest to you. However, if you do, there are a number of things you should be aware of before you venture out.

If you have the good fortune to be near a telephone when things go wrong with your SUV or 4wd pick-up truck, help is readily available. When you are off the road however, getting help is a monumental chore at best! You need to count on yourself to get out of trouble when you are off the road.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Be Prepared". It's the Boy Scout Motto. And it's our motto too. You need to prepare yourself for the most common eventualities by having a little extra gear along and by knowing a little more about your SUV that you might otherwise need to know. The subjects that follow detail the main subjects you need to think about before you venture too far off the beaten path. Press the (Next Topic) button above and we will continue with some tips useful for any season of the year.
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