Topic: Carry a First Aid Kit in Your SUV
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We never think of a first aid kit until we cut a finger or get a nasty sunburn. Before you head out on your next vacation or off road trip, assure that you have a good first aid kit in your SUV.

Open your first kit and check to assure that the supplies contained inside have not been depleted by previous usage. If there are things missing, replace them before you start your trip. Assure that there is a small pair of scissors for cutting bandage materials contained in the kit.

It would also be wise to bring along some antiseptic ointments or sprays to apply to cuts, scrapes, or burns. A large can of insect spray like the one shown in the middle photograph will also be very handy when the mosquitoes come out.

Finally, if you are traveling anywhere between spring and late fall and you intend to hike a bit, consider what you will do if you get bitten by a poisonous snake. Deadly snakes exist in almost every place in the world and, while your chances of encountering one are extremely small, people do die every year from snake bites.

There are several alternatives for treating snake bites. Some doctors suggest no treatment at all but rather, getting to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. This is because the treatment can sometimes be worse than the bite. Others advocate the old suction kit like the one shown in the bottom photograph. Still others advocate carrying an anti-venom kit with you.

CAUTION: You need to decide for yourself how you will deal with snake bites. Tourniquets can help but cause serious limb damage. Cutting the bite with a knife to suck out the venom can lead to serious infection. Consult your doctor and then decide for yourself how you want to proceed should you get bitten by a poisonous snake.
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