Topic: Preparing for a trip in your SUV
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If you plan to take your SUV or 4wd pick-up off the road or even into severe winter driving conditions on the road, you should do the preparation for your adventure while in the comfort of your warm, dry garage at home. For example, it is a lot easier to assure that your tire chains fit your vehicle before you get into rough weather.

Even if you never plan to take your SUV off the road, you will find many tips in this section of our training course that will help keep your vehicle maintained properly with very little effort.

In this chapter we will cover a list of handy items you should always carry in your SUV and a list of items you should check on your SUV before you venture out. Pay proper attention to the items covered here and they will help you avoid a vehicle breakdown off the road due to poor maintenance.

  Topics in this section
     General Preparation Information
         Research Your Destination
         Tell Someone Where You Are Going
         Communications Equipment
         First Aid Kit
     Always Carry These Items
     Tips for All Seasons
         Auto Check-List
             Get Some Maintenance Supplies
             Engine Compartment
                 Cooling System
                     Engine Coolant & Antifreeze
                     Radiator Hoses
                 Drive Belts
                 Air Cleaner
                 Engine Oil
                 Brake Fluid
                 Power Steering Fluid
                 Transmission Fluid
                 Windshield Washer Fluid
                 Check Electrical Connections
             Doors, Locks, & Hinges
                 Checking Your Front Brakes
                 Checking Your Rear Brakes Brakes
                 Checking Your Emergency Brake
             Exhaust System
             Drive Train
             Fuel Filter
             Skid Plates
             Steps (Running Boards)
         Spare Parts
     Pay Special Attention To These Items In Summer
     Pay Special Attention To These Items In Winter
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