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Whether you are driving your SUV on curvy suburban highways or winding mountain roads, passing is always a time for heightened awareness. You can increase your margin of safety dramatically when passing in a curve by following the tips illustrated here.

Driving in a curve, whether on a two-lane road or on a freeway as shown here, will always place centrifugal force on your SUV(and all other vehicles in the same curve) in the direction OPPOSITE the direction of the curve. In the photo at the top, the truck shown will drift to the LEFT(blue arrow) if the driver becomes inattentive or loses control in this right hand curve. In the photo below, the truck will drift to the RIGHT in this left-hand curve.

Look again at the photo at the top, If you are passing the truck and the driver loses control, it will squash you between the truck and the cement median barrier. If this were a drunk driver, he or she could drift into your lane.

What happens if the driver of the truck in the photo at the top suddenly slams on his brakes HARD? He will start to skid. And he will not merely skid around the curve, all the while staying in his own lane. He will skid in a straight line and a straight line takes him right into your lane (see path of blue arrow). Being beside any vehicle anywhere forward of the rear of the vehicle and to the left of the blue arrow in a right hand curve is what we call the "Dead Zone". We call it the "Dead Zone" because if anything at all happens, YOU are going to be dead.

Try to pass on straight stretches of roadway or in left-hand curves as shown in the bottom photo. Notice below if the truck starts a hard skid, he will go straight. And straight will take him along the path of the blue arrow, into the guard rail to his right instead of into your lane.

Look one more time at both photos. Imagine that the truck is in the LEFT lane instead of the right lane and you wanted to pass him on the RIGHT side. Everything we have said above would be reversed.
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